Dear BirdBase and/or BirdArea Users:
To begin my 88th year I am changing from partly retired to fully retired by closing Santa Barbara Software Products. If you use BirdBase to record your sightings and/or use BirdArea with BirdBase (or with AviSys) to produce nation check lists, the information below will help you keep your data up to date.
An updated species (and subspecies) list is posted annually at This information will let you update the BirdBase list with facilities contained in the program. Some users have been doing so since obtaining BirdBase. Before making any changes read Appendix I of the BirdBase manual.
Another approach is to transfer your current sightings to Cornell's eBird and henceforth use eBird. You will make a contribution to ornithology and continue to record the sightings you accumulate. The utility BB2eBird will let you do this. For information about the utility e-mail its author at
Annual updates to the ranges data in BirdArea (and in AviSys) can be obtained from their author. Contact her by e-mailing
To get Information about updates to the data in this BirdBase and BirdArea add-on contact their author by sending e-mail to
I have enjoyed producing birding software, hope you have enjoyed using it, and wish you Good Birding!
Robert Eisberg
Santa Barbara Software Products